Article/Multimedia review

In the New York Times article, “A Million Strong: Helping them Through,” James Dao reports on active duty members of the armed forces and veterans who are working towards their higher education degrees in classrooms from Afghanistan to college campuses throughout the US.

This text-based article includes three still photographs and is packed with information on 1) efforts to overcome the challenges faced by active-duty military and veteran students; 2) efforts to collect more information regarding their retention and graduation rates; 3) concerns about federal funding for veteran education benefits; and 4) services and programs being set up across the country to help veterans succeed academically.

The article is very informative, albeit rather long at four pages. The inclusion of a video clip would have made it more visually appealing, which may have offset the length of the article. Video clips of military/veteran students discussing their academic experiences would have added a personal touch and underscored the importance of the subject matter.

All in all, a good story on the fastest-growing segment of non-traditional college students.

To view this article, visit the New York Times website at


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