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Re-posted (original post dated January 26, 2013)

BetsyAnne’s blog post, “Are you deciding by yourself what classes to take?” cautions college students not to schedule classes without first consulting the available resources. She relates her own costly mistake on this subject and advises students to seek input from one or more college advisors before enrolling in classes.

The post, while short, conveys a useful message to the target audience. It is relevant, focused and written in a conversational tone.

The post would have been more effective if BetsyAnne had expanded on her personal experience by providing more details. Including personal information (but not too personal!) helps bloggers connect with their audiences.

The blog is, visually, very busy. It is packed with links, social media information and advertisements that I find somewhat distracting. On the bright side, BetsyAnne is a very active blogger and there is a nicely organized Archives available.

To view BetsyAnne’s post, visit

The BetsyAnne Non-Traditional Student Blog, can be found at


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  1. Re-commenting
    I actually followed the links and was unable to read the blog as there was too much going on. I am sure it contained valuable information but I couldn’t find it.

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