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Re-posted (original post dated January 26, 2013)

In her blog post, “The social scene and the non-traditional student,” Christine, a 39 year-old student, recounts an experience with a younger classmate whose attitude towards her changed after she revealed her age.

Christine’s blog post is well-written and contains content that is relevant to her target audience (non-traditional college students). Her writing is focused, interesting and lively with a touch of humor.

Even though the post is as relevant to the target audience now as it was in April of 2011, it is still rather outdated. Christine’s Archives show that she only posted ten times over a four-year period, ending with her last post, “The social scene and the non-traditional student.” A good blog needs to be updated frequently. Even if the information is still applicable, readers may be put off by the posting date or the fact that nothing has been posted recently. Worse yet, they may have trouble finding the blog during searches because of the apparent age of the post.

Another potential downside of having an inactive blog is the loss of audience participation/interaction. However, I noticed that Christine still responds to feedback from readers, so all is not lost! Thus encouraged, I sent her a response letting her know that I would love to see more recent posts from her on the topic of non-traditional students.

To view Christine’s blog post, visit

Other posts of interest to non-traditional students can be found on Christine’s blog site “Memoirs of a Non-Traditional Student” at


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