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Steven Bell’s Library Journal article “Nontraditional Students Are The New Majority/From the Bell Tower” starts out discussing Williston State College in ND, which has seen a dramatic increase in non-traditional students over the past three years as a result of the region’s oil boom. Oil workers attend Williston to take safety courses and other training.

However, the article goes on to discuss national trends and statistics concerning non-traditional students, a population that is expected to increase substantially by 2019, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Steven also references a New York Times special report that notes how educational institutions are preparing themselves for the expected surge of non-traditional students. He reminds colleges that non-traditional students have different challenges than their more traditional counterparts, especially in the area of retention.

In the remainder of the article, Steven shares information gleaned from a national report made to Congress and the Secretary of Education titled “Pathways to Success.”

This article was informative and contains helpful links to the National Center for Education Statistics, New York Times report and the Pathways to Success report. I’m a big fan of links in articles; they make it much easier for the reader to transition to sources used in the article and conduct additional research.

I’m not certain I would have chosen Williston State College as the lead over the results of the reports Steven mentions, but it did give the article a more personal touch. I wonder if he might not have two stories here, instead of one, though.

This was a good print article, but it did not contain any still photos, audio or video. I noticed there were no quotes either. The inclusion of photos or other media and perhaps a quote or two would have given the article a little more personality.

Read Steven’s article at


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