Multimedia Assignments


This is the slide show companion piece to my article “Move to Live Better”, which can be viewed on my Home and Beat Story pages.

I’m not completely satisfied with the photos but I did not have time to re-shoot, re-edit and create a new slideshow. I’m pretty pleased with the audio, though. I may re-shoot the photos later on.


This was a quick, in-class assignment where we were asked to take still photos through windows around campus, make them into a slide show and add music (using iMovie), and then post the finished piece to YouTube. The choice of music was a little unfortunate as the singer started singing about jumping off bridges just as we see the slide of campus rooftops!

If I had to do this project all over again, I’d wish for a different POV. Shooting through windows resulted in window reflections and dark photos. I shoot strictly manual (no flash) and it was an overcast day and there just wasn’t enough available light. Given more time, I could have produced better work. Even so, it’s good multi-media practice, gave me a chance to learn iMovie and an excuse to set up a YouTube account!

Here is the link to my post:


This was an audio assignment where I asked students and faculty how they feel about the new, free parking policy. I had to take audio recordings and edit everything in Audacity, which really forced me to learn how to use this software. I was so proud of myself by the time I was finished!

There is one track that I should have left out because you can’t hear the speaker. But, other than that, I think I did a pretty good job.



This photograph was taken my Clint Mullins at The Kenneth J. Minnaert Center for the Arts, my favorite place on the South Puget Sound Community College Campus.

Attached is the audio for this assignment.



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